I’m a Creative Director. I’ve built staffs at several of the publishing companies that I’ve worked for. I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with many talented editorial designers, photography editors, and artists who have helped create some of the samples shown on my website.

They include:

Donald Partyka, Ted Keller, Richard Demler, Helene Silverman, Robert Newman, Linda Rubes, Matt Guemple, Heather Haggerty, Michael Mrak, Encarnita Rivera, Justin Reynolds, Gordon Whiteside, Travis Ward, Kris Rabasca, Malcolm Frouman, Mitch Shostak, Corey Kuepfer, Neil Russo, Sue Pearsall, Dwayne Shaw, Grace Suhr, Doug Snyder, Candice Smilow, Hazel Hammond, Jenn Laga, Caitlin Choi, Brendan Moran, Glenn Karpowich, Lisa Kelsey, Robin Helman, Michael Solita, Barbara Bylek, Mimi Park, Amy Rosenfeld, Anthony Kosner, Anna Kula, David Matt, Miguel Rivera, Paul Hanson, Janet Parker, Chalkley Calderwood, Francine Romeo, Emily Cerow, Paula Kelly, Rommel Alama, Jeanne Dzienciol, Tom Bodkin, and the BusinessWeek art, photo and information graphics departments.

Not to mention all the artists and photographers whose partnership was invaluable, and whose work inspires me every day. I’m also in the debt of the many editors who have been my true collaborators and teachers over the years.